Polls API Documentation

PollsAPI is a simple API providing you with the ability to integrate Polls in your applications


The first step before you can start using the PollsAPI is signing up and creating an account by going to the registration page or logging into the dashboard if you already have an account.

Once you're in, your API key should be visible on the dashboard where you can simply copy and paste it to your requests. It is a string of random numbers and letters that looks something like this:


Getting Started

PollsAPI can be consumed with any programming language, and has been optimized to provide the best performance. Once you have your API Key you are ready to start using our APIs.

Our APIs are accessible on the base hostname


All of our APIs require you to pass the api_key header and the response is in JSON format.

If you plan on using our APIs from backend, you might need to update your firewalls to allow outbound calls to our server. Please contact hello@pollsapi.com if you face any issues.

Now, let's jump into the API functions we have.

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